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Corduroy fabric is characterize by its parallel, lengthwise cords or ridges, woven for durability and appearance. Corduroy comes in various colors, patterns and prints and is generally medium or heavy-weight. Commonly, corduroy is made of 100% cotton but can be made from other materials as well. It is soft yet durable and easy to wash and dry.

$$$ PLEASE NOTE: Price ranges indicate "cover only" cost in smallest available size to "bed set w/that cover fabric" in largest available size.
Example: $39.99 = corduroy, size 30", cover only
              $108.99 = size 36" full bed set w/
corduroy cover shown


WARNING: Air beds are NOT recommended for teething puppies nor highly destructive "chewers"! Though inflatable is protected by industrial, claw/nail-proof canvas, NOTHING is completely chew proof. Air beds are NOT toys and are NOT for human children!
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