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Because the tubes we recommend are manufactured by 3rd parties, it is cost prohibitive to re-sell them separately, and we must charge almost as much for the s/h as the product itself. Having no control over the production, and it is impossible to determine if each customer is caring for the inflatable tube as intended for use as a component of a Gertie Gear air bed, we CANNOT offer a warranty (refund or replacement) for the tubes.

Though we will sell tubes as an add-on to an air bet "SET" as a convenience to customers, we encourage customers to purchase tubes online or at a local pool store and/or department store.

AIR BED SET SIZES and corresponding TUBE SIZES (when flat/not inflated):

  • 46" air bed set: use tubes labeled 48" in diameter.
    • ACTUAL tube measures approx.: 46.5" outer diameter; 11/5" inner diameter*
  • 36" air bed set: use tubes labeled 36" in diameter
    • ACTUAL tube measures approx.: 34" outer diameter; 9.5-10" inner diameter*
  • 30" air bed set: use tubes labeled 30" in diameter
    • ACTUAL tube measures approx.: 28.5" outer diameter; 9" inner diameter*

*IMPORTANT: inner AND outer diameter of the tube used must be close to the dimensions listed above to work properly with the Gertie Gear pet air bed covers. MOST brand of tubes we have found are standard/consistent in size based on the labeled size. However, e.g., though Poolmaster tubes are good quality, the inner diameter of Poolmaster tubes is larger, so not compatible.

Gertie Gear constructs the inner canvas covers and outer slipcovers with the highest quality materials appropriate for this unique air bed design, down to the type of thread we use. Gertie Gear covers are hand-crafted to last as long or longer than any quality piece of clothing, withstanding daily use and regular washing.

With proper care and use, a Gertie Gear air bed, including the inflatable portion, will provide support and comfort for years to come -- "Gertie" and her furry friends have used the same original tubes in their beds for several years. However, sometimes accidents happen and a replacement tube is needed.

An advantage of purchasing a Gertie Gear pet air bed is that the components are interchangeable, adding to the longevity and sustainability of the product. The inflatables used are intentionally standard sizes so that finding a replacement will be easy and relatively inexpensive.

Following are links to some of the tubes we use as sold on — due to the size of Amazon and it's liberal return policies, if you do happen to receive a "defective" tube, returning it for a full refund should be fairly easy, and shipping is often FREE with "Prime." Otherwise, please contact the manufacturer directly regarding the warranty.

(1pack) 48" Intex River Rat Swim Tube

(2-Pack) 36" Intex Frost Tube Inflatable Sturdy Swim Pool,

(3-pack) 30" Intex Transparent Tubes

Screen capture of sample 48 inch tube sold on Amazon

Screen capture of sample 36 inch tube sold on Amazon


Screen capture of sample 30 inch tube sold on Amazon








PLEASE NOTE: Over time and with regular use, the inflatable may need to have some air added. To minimize the need for adding air, please make sure that the nozzle is completely sealed before pressing it into the tube; and, do not inflate the tube to it’s maximum capacity. A slightly under inflated tube will still provide all body orthopedic support and comfort, but better adapt to changes in pressure due to air temperature as well as the pressure created when it is used.

ALSO NOTE: The force of a human (and/or some heavier animals) falling or jumping on an airbed may compromise the seams of the inflatable. This is considered misuse of the product and does NOT constitute a defective inflatable.

WARNING: Air beds are NOT recommended for teething puppies nor highly destructive "chewers"! Though inflatable is protected by industrial, claw/nail-proof canvas, NOTHING is completely chew proof. Air beds are NOT toys and are NOT for human children!
IMPORTANT: please review our Policies & Legal regarding RETURNS/EXCHANGES before ordering.
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